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Conscious Tampa Bay is a response to a call for a united and informative community where each and every one can find a place or path that resonates with their unique desires and passions in life. The site is designed to be the one search engine for the Tampa Bay area practitioners, and events promoting consciousness in the community.

helenHelen Hall – Founder

I am yogini at heart, and play the part of Treasury Analyst from 9 -5, and meditation teacher, workshop facilitator, TV show producer from 5 until ….. My passion for conscious awareness started at the age of 9. With the help of an open-minded and supportive mother, I delved into the world of spirituality head first. My mother raised us with one motto for spirituality “wherever they praise God is my house” and with that opened the door to all forms of praise, worship, meditation, religion. Over the years, I have become accepting and content with my version of spirituality however I never stopped wanting to learn more and enjoy the variety of community. Knowing how important having access to variety is to get to where you want to be, I felt a bit disheartened finding that broad spectrum of information available in Tampa. With that in mind, the inspiration for this site started. I hope you find this site helpful in your journey to “only you know where” and uniting as a conscious community.

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